29 March 2012

Useful Google Analytics Dashboard for Bloggers

Google Analytics Dashboard for Blogspot, Wordpress or any content website
I previously wrote a blog post about using Google Analytics with Blogger. So if you have become familiar with Google Analytics and you feel comfortable using it, you might want to add some better reporting tools that will help you view the stats of you blog in a more friendly way. So here is a nice dashboard that selects a few items to report on. Following this link will give you the option to add this new dashboard to your Google Analytics profile: Add Cool Blogger Dashboard

Assuming you are already logged into Google Analytics you will see a popup like the one shown below:
1. Select you blog profile (e.g. bloggerpost3.blogspot.com) then
2. Select "Create Dashboard"

You will be able to see a pretty neat dashboard that is already setup and ready to use as shown below (The screen shot below is from another blog) as I have only recently setup Google Analytics for my personal blog there wasn't enough data to make the dashboard look good:

One of the nice features of this dashboard view is that you can see the stats against the page titles as opposed to seeing the stats against an obscure URL address.


  1. Wow...this is awesome. I've been using Analytics for YEARS and never bothered to put together a dashboard for the stuff I actually go there to see. Thanks for sharing.

    1. thanks, I'm glad you found it useful ;)

  2. Hi Jenson. Would you be able to tell me how to stop google analytics from tracking my own visits to my own website?

    1. The best option is to use an addon/extension on your browser. Alternatively you can create a cookie which tells Google Analytics not to record anything.
      The link below is the easiest solution: