11 February 2012

Selective posting to Twitter and Facebook from Google+

I previously wrote two blog entries about posting Google+ messages to Facebook and Twitter:

If you follow the second approach which only works for public posts. You can limit what is posted to your Twitter feed using a text similar to a hashtag. All you have to do is to include the word Twitter in your Google+ post for messages to be posted to your Twitter. I will explain how this is done.

Go to your previously setup feed on http://feedburner.google.com and change the settings on your feed to look like the screen shot below:

As you can see there are two differences between the settings in the above screen and the settings applies in the previous tutorial.

1. As the red arrow in the above image indicates you must enter the text Twitter or a unique text that you will add to your Google+ messages that you want to be posted to your Twitter account. Also note the drop down menu below the arrow should have the following option selected: "the title". Once these settings are saved the job is finished and you're read to go.

2. The second difference only applies for selective posting to Facebook. If you have followed my earlier tutorial but decide that not all your posts from Twitter should go to your Facebook wall remove the #fb that we had previously placed in the "additional text" text box. So now, if you want your Google+ posts that are submitted to Twitter to be also posted on Facebook you should include the word #fb in your Google+ post. Assuming you're currently using the "Selective Tweets" app on Facebook.

So now to automatically post something from Google+ to Twitter include the text Twitter and if you want to post it to Facebook as well as Twitter include the text: Twitter #fb

Note 1: This approach will only let you post to Facebook if you're posting it to Twitter as well.
Note 2: Since we are now including the #fb text in our Google+ post it must be towards the beginning of the message so that Twitter does not cut it off due to its limited message size.
Note 3: Since the #fb text is no longer appended to the end of our message you must go to facebook and change the setting in your "Selective Twitter" app on Facebook. Tick the checkbox which reads "Allow the #fb tag anywhere in the tweet?" as shown on the screen shot below:

I admit my solutions are always cumbersome and super geeky but they do work. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me on Google+, or Facebook, or Twitter. Also please subscribe to my blog via email or RSS feed

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