20 July 2011

Automatically publish your Google+ Plus posts to Facebook

Updating your Facebook status via Google Plus+

  1. Access Facebook
  2. Go to http://facebook.com/mobile
  3. Copy your email address unique (underneath where it says "Upload via Email")
  4. Go to the circle's page on Google+ and create a circle called "Facebook Status"
  5. Add the e-mail from Facebook in your new circle(Facebook Status)
  6. When you want to publish something on Facebook, simply add the circle.(and don't forget to tick the checkbox which says "Also email 1 person not yet using Google+ yet")
  • Photos are not uploaded on Facebook
  • Works with public posts as well (As long as you include the "Facebook Status" circle)
  • Your posts on Facebook will take the default permission("Everyone" or "Friends of Friends" or "Friends Only")
  • UPDATE: If the message is longer than 47 characters you will see the first 44 characters followed by three dots in your Facebook status. (I have informed Google+ of this problem and I hope they will solve it)

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